Monday, October 15, 2018

The Sanderson Coffee Rawamangun

It’s a piece of London, hidden on Balai Pustaka Street, Rawamangun, East Jakarta. Decorated with bright red telephone booth, shadow of Sherlock Holmes and the Palace Guards paintings, The Sanderson Coffee is as interesting as our journey there.

East Jakarta is way beyond our regular date destinations, and we don’t expect a coffee shop with a concept to be present in that part of Jakarta. It’s a one-day public holiday in the middle of the week, and we want to step out of Kelapa Gading, which is currently a huge mess due to construction. We don’t want to drive too far though. We turned to Google and The Sanderson Coffee showed up first for “coffee shop in Rawamangun” keyword. Google’s recommendation of Sanderson Coffee comes with a silhouette of Sherlock Holmes on the picture. We’re sold right away. Why not? London sounds good for a change of atmosphere. Still, it’s a stranger land and we let GPS leads our drive through Pemuda street, turning right to Sunan Giri street through schools, mosques and a market before finally finding the coffee shop on the intersection between Balai Pustaka and Sunan Giri Streets.