Monday, February 24, 2014

Tanamera Thamrin

A small coffee shop hidden behind the city's skyscrapers turns out to be one of the best place to do homework.

Our Story:
In the boredom of chain coffee place, a friend of Mama suggested Tanamera. We visited the place right away and arrived on a quiet Sunday afternoon when the crowd was just leaving the place. We sat in the middle, right across the food bar and ordered drinks. Unfortunately, we just came from late lunch so we didn't try the food (next time for sure). Free lemon-infused water are served along with the drinks.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Star Hotel Semarang (Previously Best Western)

Visiting the rooftop pool is a must. It gives you a different perspective of Semarang.

Rooftop View at night
(update 2016, on my recent search, I found out that the hotel has taken out the "Best Western" out of its name, so here I updated the name and contacts so not to mislead guests. None of the review below are altered.)