Sunday, January 29, 2017

Best Date of 2016

Where have we gone on a date last year? As I tried to write this post, I was struggling through the post I’ve written on the other blog as well as pictures for posts we’ve yet to write about. It’s hard to pick the best of because each adventure is unique. There’s always a new story, a new thing to learn even if we’re visiting the same place. So in the middle of my writer’s block, I asked Dudu about last year.

Best Travel of 2016?
Dudu: Hm…
Mama: Train to Malang?
Dudu: It was last year?
Mama: Yeah.
Dudu: That was memorable.
Mama: Singapore and Legoland Playdate?
Dudu: That was so much fun too.
Mama: Universal Studios Halloween?
Dudu: That’s scary, but I love it!
Mama: So which one?
Dudu: Do I have to pick? Can we just write about all three?
Mama: Okay, now can you write about why each one is the best of 2016?
Dudu: WHAT?

Here are the winners!