Saturday, May 20, 2017

The Fun Rides of Legoland Malaysia

We arrived with the assumption that Legoland is for small children and Dudu is too old for the rides. So, we didn’t expect much even after we were there by the gate that morning, especially when we just stopped by Universal Studios the previous day.

But you don’t have to be as cool to be lovable. Universal Studios may be awesome, but Legoland has a different kind of charm. Even for non-Lego enthusiasts like us. We spent half day at the water park and another half at theme park with lunch break in between. It was fun and if Universal Studios is done in a day, this one needs extension. At least one for each.

But before we go into our favorite rides in Legoland, let me share that the theme park online ticketing service is real friendly and helpful. I ordered my tickets through their official website but the e-ticket didn’t arrive in my mailbox. I emailed them and they helped track down my tickets, re-sending them in no time. So we’re able to depart in peace. The price is also competitive. I bought it on the official website because believe it or not, it’s the cheapest I can found after comparing with several travel agents and websites.

According to its official website, 1-day theme park pass is RM156 (or around Rp.480k) if you book 7 days in advance.

The website has also been helpful in providing information regarding how to reach the place from Singapore by bus so I didn’t have to look anywhere else.

Legoland Malaysia is thrilling as well as educational. It’s less crowded than Universal Studios, so we spend more time playing and enjoying the park rather than standing on the line haha. We can play as many times as we want without worrying about the line or the other people.