Friday, April 10, 2015

Jakarta Toys and Comic Fair 2015

Jakarta Toys and Comic Fair is something we always enjoy. This year we arrived with a specific mission: FINDING ANDREA.

Dudu had been planning since before Chinese New Year, so I've decided to try buying the pre-order ticket at a convinient store. We got a bunch of free drinks vouchers from the store as a bonus. But on the day, the line for pre-order is longer than when you buy on the spot. The difference isn't much but it was enough to cover the parking.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

The Heavenly Temples: Candi Gedong Songo

The province of a thousand temples. That’s how we called Central Java. One set of these temples is located close enough to the capital city, Semarang, right on the highlands of Bandungan. It’s called Candi Gedong Songo (9 Temples).

According to literature, the nine temples were built in the 7th century, during the ancient Mataram era. Candi Gedong Songo is categorized as Hindu temples, based on the characteristics found on other Hindu temples in Indonesia. The temple images found here are including different manifestations of Siva, one of Ganesha and one of the Vedic Sage Agastya. The temple was discovered by Joan Gideon Loten, a Dutch serving the East India Colonies in 1740.