Saturday, March 4, 2017

Hong Kong Beyond the City Lights: Geoparks Dream

Hong Kong is on our bucket list. No, it's not because Dudu saw it on Transformers. It's because my only visit to Hong Kong was almost two decades ago. Needless to say I only can vaguely remember the city. I remember there's a region called Tsim Sha Tsui, there's this train going uphill with a Madame Tussaud on top. I'm pretty sure the happiest place in earth hadn't opened its doors in Hong Kong then.

But that's about it.

So, despite having been to Hong Kong i couldn't write about the places I go. This post is written as a participant to #WegoDiscoverHK blog contest and I'll be taking the outsider point of view, talking as if I've never been to the city.

Back then, it was a standard tourist visit, as I went with an arranged tour group from Indonesia with my aunt and cousin. We probably went where everyone went. Now that I've visited few other countries out there, I realize there's always something more to a destination that what's offered on your local travel agents offered. 

The other day, I was surprised to see this picture on my instagram feeds. I captured the scene before it went away. For me, who always thought that Hong Kong is identical with scrumptious dishes and city lights, something as naturally scenic as this is a pleasant surprise. Especially when my current travelmate, Dudu, is an adventurous outdoor boy. I figured if there's something this pretty, there should be more to Hong Kong than the skyscrapers have to offer. Of course something like Disneyland or Ocean Park is tempting and we do want to spend a day or two there, but we decided to look around. We found this interesting site.