Saturday, July 25, 2015

AEON Mall BSD City

While Jakarta is already too packed with shopping malls, its suburban, Serpong, is still growing. A new mall called AEON is attracting everyone’s attention with the light-up Sakura Garden and low-priced sushi.

The mall is family friendly. From it’s elevator, stroller rental, family and kids toilet to the different playgrounds and seating areas available throughout the mall. Arriving at the mall before noon, we got a parking by the department store door. The closest ones are reserved for priority parking. Entering the double doors, which remind me of malls abroad, the AEON department store gives a different ambiance compared to those of Indonesia. AEON is a Japanese brand (I’m most familiar with their credit services), and it’s currently developing services in lifestyle area. AEON Mall BSD City is the first AEON in Indonesia.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Gummybox Endless Creativity Inside

What if a box full of creative surprises arrived to your doorstep, just in time to safe your children’s holiday (and your sanity during their out-of-school days)?

Gummybox is a briliant concept. All you have to do is subscribe on and those boxes filled with thematic art-and-craft activities are sent to your door every month. The different themes like Starry Night, Medieval, Underwater, Construction, Postal Services, Monster Mania and many more, is a surprise for each children. Each box consists of three different activities and one workbook. I’d say it’s shareable with siblings and cousins.