Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Gummybox Endless Creativity Inside

What if a box full of creative surprises arrived to your doorstep, just in time to safe your children’s holiday (and your sanity during their out-of-school days)?

Gummybox is a briliant concept. All you have to do is subscribe on www.gummybox.com and those boxes filled with thematic art-and-craft activities are sent to your door every month. The different themes like Starry Night, Medieval, Underwater, Construction, Postal Services, Monster Mania and many more, is a surprise for each children. Each box consists of three different activities and one workbook. I’d say it’s shareable with siblings and cousins.

We attended the playdate at Pand’or Wijaya back in June and met with Audrey Irawan, Gummybox Founder, who shared her story about creativity for the opening speech. “I love to find materials around the house to create things like paper planes. I love to see how material works. I have a very creative childhood,” she shared. Even though she has yet to start her own family, she realized the struggles to keep their children interested when school is off. Digital might be an answer, she said, “but it’s not the only way to educate and entertain. I think kids still need hands-on projects.”

She was right. Despite his love for gadgets, Andrew (now turning 9) enjoyed his Postal Service Gummybox we got to bring home. While actually Gummybox is for children 4-7 years old, older kids might benefit from them too. “We tested the products with the kids and it’s surprising how kids doesn’t discriminate different toys with specific genders,” Audrey said. Some of the younger kids may enjoy the activities too, but Audrey encouraged adult supervision because there are small parts within the box.

At the play date, we’re introduced to different themes through different activities. One is Underwater, where children can create their own underwater scene with colorful rocks and papers cut into different shapes, or printing fish on a white paper with sponge, paint and brushes. The other side of the room is construction where kids learn about buildings and even create their own buildings with thick papers. Equipped with vest and hat, they look like real construction workers.


The box that came home with us has Postal Service as it theme. It introduce Andrew to the mail delivery process through postcards. He would wrote the postcards, put a stamp on it, giving it a postal mark and deliver it to the grandparents in the next room while using the postman had provided in the box. A rare experience for children these days when email and chatting apps are widely available and easier for communication. 

We truly appreciate the arrival of Gummybox.

(This story is also available in Bahasa Indonesia: Gummybox Kreativitas dalam Sebuah Kotak)

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