Sunday, June 21, 2015

Jakarta Food Bazaar Adventure

Bazaar is trending in Jakarta. Mainly dominated by food and fashion, these collection of pop-up markets are taking over the shopping centers. So, on one occasion, I took Dudu to a Mom and Kids Market called Shophoria at Grand Indonesia and going through the food tenants. And this is what we have to say about the unusual yet delicious bazaar food.

What makes bazaar popular is the unique concept offered by the food tenants. Each booth is competing to be the most singular store that everyone would talk about whole year long. Often started with online (mostly instagram) store, these food and beverages concept go offline on the weekend when there are chances to meet their customers personally.

Twisto Potato
Instagram: @Twistopotato
A new way to eat potatoes is to cut them into a spiral and deep fried them. This is interesting. Once they're out the fryer, sauces (like mayonnaise) and extra flavorings are poured on top. I was personally scared with the coloring of what is defined as "cheese" but without those, the potato wouldn't be as tasty. After all, these "extras" are what we're expecting in this kind of food. They also served Twisto Dog which has a hotdog sausage in the center (cost us Rp.35,000). But Andrew, being a plain kind of boy, went for the no extras. He would order hotdog with no condiments, so this time it would be just the same. 

He had difficulties eating them, especially because the potatoes are fries-like once they're deep fried. He managed to finish the Twisto with some help. This dish reminded me of Hot-dog-on-a-stick but with street food twist. A more extravagant type of satay, if you like.

What Dudu says? Sausages are good, but the potatoes are plain. It was hard to eat, but I think it's challenging and fun. It makes me full.

Pooki Bbang
Instagram: @pooki.bbang

Better known as Poop Bread among Jakartans, this pancake-like snack makes us laugh everytime we see it. Andrew, who sees these kinds of things as funny jokes, loves this food so much that he finished one at a glance. The "pancake" itself isn't new, probably using the same mix as kue cubit or martabak if you're familiar with them. Otherwise, waffles and pancakes are the closest things. Priced at Rp. 15,000 each, you can choose between nutella and cream cheese. They also make plain (no filling) Poop Bread. Eat them while they're hot. Would pick one of this for an afternoon snack for sure. They have the best concept ever!

What Dudu says? This is tasty, but I think they put too much cream cheese inside that I can't really taste the bread. Next time I would ask for less cream cheese.

Mighty Choice
Instagram: @mightychoicejkt

Andrew protested when he saw what I'm getting -- a potted plant for dessert. He loves gardening so seeing a potted plant made of vanilla ice cream and crushed Oreo (costs us Rp.28,000) is really fascinating. I was teasing him whether he wanted to taste the "earth". It's a limited choice for Andrew because he only likes vanilla ice cream and he's not a big fan of mixing his ice cream with toppings. Such a picky eater haha. They do have other interesting flavors like Avocado which are worth the try, maybe next time when I'm going alone or when Andrew isn't tasting. Vanilla ice cream is vanilla ice cream, but the concept makes it an awesome dessert.

What Dudu says? I like it! I remember this the most from the bazaar food even though I only ate 2 spoonfuls. I's ice cream with Oreo. Let's bring the pot home and use it to plant mung beans.

Let's see what we encounter next time!

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