Monday, May 2, 2011

KidsFfest 2011

Open Air Cinema is arguably one of the best thing about this event. It's a good first watching movie experience for younger children who haven't been to movie theaters. 

KidsFFest is a movie festival for kids and teens in Indonesia. Started back in 2009, the festival has been screening movies for the younger audience inside the Blitz Megaplex movie theatre as well as outside on the side foyer. For there older children, there are short film competition, dubbing workshop and many other activities. The three Paddle Pop movies screened this year is Pyrata, Kombatei and Elemagika. So we came and watched Paddle Pop. Other than that, there are many other kids movies from around the world such as: Kung Fu Kid (Japan) and The Magic Tree (Poland). 

Paddle Pop Elemagika is the 6th installment of this Thai animation about young lion price that survived the massacre of his family, done by a creature called Shadow Master. He was saved by his owl tutor/mentor Professor Higganbottom. In this Elemagika episode, Paddle Pop has to defeat Shadow Master in completing the four ice cream elements and rule the world.

Make the Most of Your Visit: The Open Air Cinema (we call it Layar Tancep) is open after sundown. So the second Paddle Pop movie is a little late for Dudu. Check the schedule of the movies and plan properly.

When: April 22 - May 1, 2011
Where: Pacific Place, Jakarta
Entrance Fee: Shows at Blitz Megaplex costs Rp. 25k while the ones on the open air cinema are free. Workshops are for registered participants only.

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