Saturday, October 25, 2014

Holiday Inn Express Semarang

While Semarang is our second hometown, it's always hard to find a place to stay.
This time we decided to go for something new.

Our Story
We arrived at 9 AM and the hotel check in is 12 PM, but the receptionist let us put our luggage up front so we're free to walk around. The hotel is 5-minute walk to the city center (Simpang Lima), and it was early enough to explore the city without the traffic and the heat. We returned in the afternoon, to find the room beyond our expectation: It was bigger and nicer than expectation. The view is actually great, but the development next door obstruct our view to Simpang Lima.
Bed is soft and there are sofa at the corner. Dudu is super excited about this: "there's a sofa, Ma, a sofa!" and proceed to sit there.

The bathroom is big and is interesting because it has a door functions both as shower and bathroom door, depends on which side you're pulling it in. We do have shower problem, the handle is loose, but we didn't report it to the hotel, so it wasn't a downside.

For breakfast, the hotel serves a nice variation of Western, Asian, Coffee, Juice, Yogurt and even Jamu. It's interesting how people can have a coffee and tea to go from the breakfast area with the paper cup - but it makes the line longer just for a cup of coffee (although the coffee is good). The yogurt was okay and the rest of the breakfast items are quite delicious.
Make The Most of Your Visit:
  • Go early for breakfast, the breakfast area is quite small so it was filled up easily.
  • Opt for a higher floor, it has better view.
  • Go explore the city in the morning and even late at night (the food are plenty around Simpang Lima).
  • The price from online hotel booking site and local travel agents are quite the same.
Holiday Inn Express Semarang-Simpang Lima
Jl. Jendral Ahmad Yani No.145, Semarang
Jawa Tengah 50241, Indonesia
TEL: +62 24 86449222
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