Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Jakarta Toys and Comic Fair 2014

This is our second time going to such event, and this time we know better to come before the gate is open and on the first day. 

We lined up at 9, and got our ticket at 10. Apparently it was faster to buy the ticket on the spot rather than pre-order it at Indomaret. The line was shorter. We go around pretty quick and settled on a booth where all toys are discounted. It’s a little hard to shop because you have to ask for the price every time you want to buy something. The space is small too and the cashier is manually done.

Nevertheless, we’re out of there in no time. We went to the LEGO exhibition. Everything is awesome there. The Lego shopping area is super packed and we didn’t bother going in. We headed to the stage right on time for the opening ceremony, with Emmet and Wyldstyle. Hurray!

Make the most of your visit:

  • Leave stroller at home. Be ready to carry your child. When it’s packed, it’s hard for toddler to wander around freely and it’s safer for them to be carried.
  • Bring cash (and a lot of them) if you plan to shop.
  • Don’t spend too much time pondering and comparing prices. Balai Kartini is small for exhibitions like this, so going back and forth between booths can be a hassle.
  • Check the schedule – what your kid’s favorite superhero is and whether he/she is going to perform on stage.
  • This applies to all events happen at Balai Kartini: DON’T EXPECT TO GET A PARKING SPOT! If you can go there by public transport, give it a try instead of stuck for hours trying to find a parking.
Jakarta Toys and Comic Fair 2014
When: March 14-15, 2014
Where: Balai Kartini, Jakarta
Entry Fee: Rp. 30.000

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