Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Biggest Timezone in Indonesia

Game center has always been one option to go on a date with Andrew. We usually visit the small one near out house. But this time, we decided to go take the toll road and visit the biggest Timezone in Indonesia, located just off the Karawaci exit.

Our Story
I used to visit this mall when I was a kid and Jakarta traffic jam wasn’t this horrible. The Timezone apparently got a revamped back in March and turned an indoor theme park. The shoe-shaped roller coaster is still there, but now there are more fun things to do than just the indoor roller coaster. Andrew had fun. 
“The Timezone has no walls and it has huge roller coasters. Then there is Escape The Dark 4D, but Mom didn’t want to play that because 4D makes her dizzy. There are card machines. Power Rangers, Mythical Lords, Duel With Dinosaurs and Heroes of The Robots. I want to try the 4D games next time we’re going there.”

The mall itself is huge, with different supermarket on each ends. There are many food choices beyond what I remembered, so we don't have trouble choosing what to eat. The problem with Timezone and any other arcade is we can't really use the balance left in the card at the other branches. So if we're going out this far to an arcade, we have to count our spending carefully because it's unlikely we're going to be back here in months - or even year.

Make The Most of Your Visit:
  • Weekend is packed with families (including grandmas and grandpas) going on a recreation. So avoid visiting on weekend if possible.
  • Always have your kid (and your belongings) on watch. It’s not an indoor playground so there’s no security.
  • With roller coasters and bigger games inside, this Timezone are often packed with adults as well, so your kids may have to stay in the same line with adults. 
Timezone Adrenaline
Supermall Karawaci Ground Floor
JL. Boulevard Diponegoro No. 105 Lippo Karawaci 1200,
Kota Tangerang, Banten , 15811,
TEL: (021) 5473740

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