Saturday, November 5, 2016

Pushing Start Button

I remember playing video games with my siblings when I was young. It always started with pushing the start button. You pushed it when you're ready to start playing.

My game doesn't have a start button. It just played and I had to "survive" the levels. Ready or not, the game is on. Although for those who knew me and Dudu, the word "survive" is an extreme exaggeration. And as you read this blog, you probably realize that too. The only thing we have to survive is a school subject called mathematics haha

Our adventure game has only two players: Mama and Dudu. Just like Mario and Luigi, Sonic and Tails, Donkey Kong and Diddy, Zombie and ... Kpop? Oh well. We went through hills and mountain, through jungle and collecting coins as we stroll along. That's why it was a date, and has always been a date until today. I blogged for the sake of keeping track and updating people about our life, especially those who happen to be far away. Entering the 10th year, I realize that our dates need a blog of its own. 

I love going places and my parents are probably aware that their only daughter prefers to be on the road than home. I would jump on the first plane that took me anywhere. Planes, unfortunately it's not trains or buses or cars. My son, on the other hand, is a real homeboy. Despite being so kind-hearted to follow his Mama around, he would prefer staying home, watching DVD or playing video games. We found peace somewhere in the middle and this blog is the witness.

Dudu was born in the United States of America, in a small town called Columbia. He moved to Indonesia when he was a toddler and settled down in suburban South Jakarta. When he started school, we moved north of the city center and started a new life in a high-rise building. Since then Dudu had his own 5-star-rating for hotels we stayed in, which include the panoramic view from the window. 

The requirements are:
  1. Wi-fi, preferable in the room as well.
  2. Swimming pool. 
  3. Staying above the first floor.
  4. Great view from the window (to town, city, beach, mountain, etc). 
  5. Bath tub in the bathroom.
Bonus star if the room has connecting door, if we're travelling with other family members or friends.

Oh, we have a 'third wheel' tagging along sometimes. The 30-year old teddy bear, mistakenly being called "Panda" who loves to play tennis and staying away from sunshine so he's not tan. See, we don't mind company. Panda just started his own instagram account. so please check it out.

Unlike my own adventure, this blog has a start button. I bought the domain when I'm ready and pretty much determined to consistently post on my blog. We already passed 10 levels without losing much of life, I hope we can pass the rest. So you'll find the old post written (or translated from my other blog) before this so-called "first post of the dotcom." I like to think of it as reminiscing journey back in time, a record of how we passed the previous levels. 

So, welcome on board. Don't forget to fasten your seat belt. The flotation devices are under your seat. Hope you enjoy the flight.


  1. Hi Ruth and Dudu,
    Love reading about all your adventures and looking forward to seeing more!
    Have fun, you two!


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