Monday, August 17, 2015

Food Fighters Melawai

We stopped by a place called Food Fighters today. Located at Blok M Square complex, this supposedly Pasar Santa extension offers interesting (Western) food selections. Of course, it still comes with an unique marketplace, open food court concept.

No AC, but they do put big blowers everywhere, so it wasn’t as hot as the outside world. Parkings are okay too, but you better come from the right door, otherwise you have to do a little walking to reach this area. And you wouldn’t want to do that in the middle of the day. Oh, speaking about parking, this place is at Blok M Square side, so don’t enter from the Blok M Mall gate (which connects to the bus station) cos you won’t be able to drive across and ended up had to drive out and pay an hour worth of parking.

The first thing we noticed was the old-fashioned iron chairs, just like the ones you used to see at government offices back in the day when cell phone didn’t exist. They have large tables for group of friends as well as the smaller ones for two. The stalls remind you of food trucks and the whole place is a garage. Well, it’s a fun concept for young people, but Andrew is probably too young to enjoy the hip place. He wasn’t complaining about the absence of AC (which is good), and despite early difficulties finding the food he likes (just because he has Indonesian tongue and rice is a must, but hate flavorful dishes like satay), we settled on Sirloin Waffle burger (40k). Using waffle instead of burger buns, this one comes with sunny side up egg, sirloin, cheese, lettuce and tomato. The stack is quite thick . It was wrapped and arrived with a pair of plastic gloves.


Apparently, it’s for hygiene. Because when fellow mom who came with us ordered chicken wings and potato, the dish also arrived with a pair of gloves. A fun way to eat for a kid who always uses eating utensils most of the time.


Andrew who wasn’t a burger/meat fan finished the stack. Meat is not chewy and waffle is just the right flavor to compliment the other ingredients. Not too sweet but not salty either. I love how the meat taste. Andrew said it was okay, he had no problem with the waffle dish.

Sweet Potato Fries (25k – large portion)
from a stall called Judas is tasty too. A little dry, but they said it was air-fried. I wish the fries can be thicker, something like wedges. The spicy mayo sauce is great. The fries is served in a box, ready to be packed ang bring home if you have any leftovers. We did packed half portion home.

I ordered Buritto (45k) which comes inside a foil with a small paperbag. First bite is all about the cheese. Then I gradually get the ground beef, onion and other ingredients. Wasn’t exactly what I expected in buritto, this one has too much meat and not enough onion. The skin is too crispy. But I was imagining something like Chipotle or Taco Bell. Indonesian buritto might mean something else. Instead of beans or fragranced rice, they use crinkle cut fries. I took them out immideately. Note to self, next time ask for no fries and less meat. It was a huge portion and filling.

Drinks has to be coffee. Nitro Cold Brew (20k) from Bear & Co is sold at the corner stall called @KopiPasar. The stall sells cold brews from Bear & Co and hot coffee from ABCD, both are famous tenants of Pasar Santa. Considering the weather, I skipped the hot ones. Coffee isn’t as light as I expected (a good thing), especially after tasting Bear & Co at an International Coffee Day event the previous day.

Prices are before tax and they accept BCA debit card payments.

The other stalls are interesting too. But the place is dominated by Western food and the Asian one are the satay and noodle stalls. Close your meal with cotton candy, which you can get for free when you follow their Instagram. Andrew doesn’t like cotton candy so we skipped that.

Make the Most of Your Visit:

  • Go early. Aside from avoiding the heat, lunchtime can be quite packed with incoming guests. When we got in at 11.30, there were only 5 other people inside. But when we left on 1.30, the place is packed with people working with laptop as well as college-aged groups who want the instagram-able pictures.
  • Find the right entrance. Otherwise you have to park quite far from the spot.
  • If it’s hard to find them, just go to Fave Hotel or Gramedia side. The place is several spot from Gramedia.
  • Look around and try something new, a dish or a drink you’ve never really tried before.

Food Fighters
Jl. Melawai IV No. 7, Blok M, Jakarta Selatan
Open: 10AM - 10PM

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