Sunday, January 3, 2016

Cocorico: Romantic Dinner with A View

When I asked Andrew what he remembered from Cocorico Cafe Bandung, he immediately answered “The view is awesome and it’s cool even without air conditioner.” I have to agree.

​Located in Dago, this place is known for the view. It took us around an hour drive from where we stay at Geger Kalong because of the traffic. Well, Bandung isn’t as big as Jakarta, but sometimes traffic is as annoying.The return trip is much faster. Andrew was sleeping in the car when we hike in and it was a little too late for dinner anyway. He grumbled when I woke him up but found himself excited with the cool breeze and eventually the view from the top. Jack Frost can’t resist the cold.

We reserved a seat, because many blogs and articles recommended calling in if you have a larger party. Plus, it was Wednesday night, which Google said one of the peak times. However, arriving at the place, it wasn’t as packed as everyone had warned. We got a parking right across the restaurant and got a seat on the top floor right away. The view was nice and the air was cool.

Cocorico offers a mix of Western, Asian and Indonesian food selections. It’s fortunate because in the family, we all have different preference. So, here’s what ended up in our order:
  • Beef Tenderloin Grill (Rp155k)
  • Blue Label Grilled Sirloin (Rp135k)
  • Nasi Goreng Kambing (Rp47k)
  • Iga Bakar Black Sweet (Rp79k)
  • Egg Pilaf Rice (Rp40k)
Originally wanted to order roast chicken for Andrew but they ran out of it. So browsing the menu, I found this rice pilaf thing, which is a butter rice with egg and chicken, and asked to leave out the chili oil. He was hesitated at first but apparently liking it after the first bite. With the steak, you can choose sides and sauce. I ended up choosing mushroom sauce and mashed potato on he side. If you have to choose, pick the Blue Label over the regular ones because it’s easier to chew. It wasn’t dry even with well done on the request. The nasi goreng kambing (lamb fried rice) comes in a bigger portion than expected. You might want to have this as something to share. Iga bakar (Grilled Ribs) are delicious too.

The hardest part to decide is actually the drinks. They have this list of fancy mix drinks, you can practically choose every combination possible. The drinks are:

  • Strawberry Classico (Rp29k)
  • Strawberry Mojito (Rp28k)
  • Cafe Cocorico (Rp30k)
  • Thai Milk Tea (Rp22k)
  • Applemint Squash (Rp26k)
Cafe Cocorico is Yin Yang with a twist. Yin Yang, if you’re not familiar with it, is a mix of tea, coffee and milk. This one is using green tea instead of the regular black. Most of our family members liked it, but it wasn’t my favorite drink. An acquired taste maybe. Forget Andrew, he’s always happy with mineral water.

Top floor
First floor - this seating is right n front of the entrance door
Another first floor seating
The first impression, this cafe looks a little too quiet to be one of the popular places to eat in Bandung. Don’t let that hinder you from stepping in. This place is romantic. And you don’t have to be up on the deck or the rooftop to feel the mood. The first floor also has nice seating and actually if you’re in a larger group and prefer a slightly warmer place to enjoy your food, this area is much better. You can always go up the rooftop while waiting for your meal to spoil your eyes with the view. Personally would love to come to see the sunset and the lights up. 

Make the most of your visit:

  • Be careful with steps. This place has lots of steps going up to the upper deck with the view and there are more steps to the rooftop. You can’t eat on the rooftop though, but do go up just to glance at Bandung. With these steps, be careful if you have small children or the older ones who run around, or if you’re traveling with grandparents.
  • Enjoy the view. I would prefer night time, even though I bet during daytime it’d be as beautiful. If you're taking food pictures, go during the day because lighting are bad for picture-taking.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask questions or personalized the menu. The waiters and waitresses are super friendly.
  • If you’re doing reservation, be aware that they don’t allow the top deck to be reserved unless it’s the only empty seat available. But they are willing to move you up if there’s space available to cater your group. 
Where is this?
Cafe Cocorico
Jl. Bukit Pakar Timur (Dago) no 19, Bandung
(022) 2503262

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