Thursday, June 27, 2013

The First HI-5 Mall Show Ever In Indonesia

Hi-5 are Ainsley, Lauren, Mary, Dasem dan Stevie. Kids are familiar with them, thanks to the Australian TV Show. Now they are coming to perform LIVE in Jakarta. 

If you're a Hi-5 fan, you'd be excited. Even if you're not a Hi-5 fan (like my 7-year-old son who didn't know who are these people before coming to their show), this show is still as entertaining.

The children spot... and how close they are from the stage!
 Before the show, MC started with simple games: asking children (and enthusiastic parents) over who are their favorite Hi-5 members and who can tell the full name of Hi-5 members. Then the stars come out, performing 6 songs over 25 minutes:L.O.V.E, Making Music, Underwater Discovery, Ready or Not, Happy Monster Dance, dan Somekind of Wonderful Tone. The tiny audience are encouraged to join them singing, playing and dancing from right in front of the stage while parents are invited to stay calm and sit down on the back. ;)

Merchandise sold at the show
Don't have tickets? No worries, you can still see the show from the upper floors and outside the gate. I guess it's better if we know Hi-5 beforehand. But still, coming back from the event, Andrew is shouting "Hi-5!" There's a photo session afterwards (yeay!). The thing with the photo session is the time is too short. If your kids are moody, try to find their best mood right before the snap because you only get one snap. Merchandises are sold around the show area (and they're limited), the price is around Rp. 160k for a Hi-5 hand.

Andrew says? "The kids are real happy Mom, but they are dancing so fast I can't follow their moves." Well, you're supposed to memorize the moves from the TV show before coming to the live show anyway. Thank you Gandaria City for the invite.

We are Hi-5 (+1) ^^
When: June 27 -July 7, 2013
Where: Gandaria City, Main Atrium, Ground Floor
Hours: Monday-Friday 4 PM dan 7 PM, Weekend (except July7) 2 PM, 5 PM and 8 PM, Sunday, July  7,  2 PM and 5 PM

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