Saturday, December 28, 2013

Cimory On The Valley

By now, I assume people know Cimory. After expanding its Puncak branch, Cimory moves to open another one in Central Java, on the mountainous region of Bawen. 

Restaurant and Playground
Where exactly is Bawen? It’s between Semarang and Salatiga, somewhere near Ungaran. In the near future, when the toll road is open, Cimory will be easier to find. In the meantime, from Semarang, you can just go on the toll road, exit Ungaran and go towards Salatiga. You won’t miss Cimory.

This Cimory is huge! I’d say bigger than its Riverside branch in Puncak. The cows are here, the playground is here and the weather is perfect for sitting down enjoying your favorite glass of fresh milk. Aside from the main restaurant area, there are seesaws, climbing playground and a mini avian zoo which has peacocks in it. The store is nearby too. The only thing to watch, especially when you’re going with small children and grandparents, are the amount of stairs going down to the restaurant from the lobby and to the playground and to the cows area. 

When to visit: If you’re travelling from Jogja or Solo to Semarang, make sometime to stop in the afternoon. It’s location makes a great break from the drive. Otherwise, visit when the sun is up and not raining. The weather is cool, I wouldn’t worry about not enjoying my lunch because it’s too hot.

What to Order: “I want a glass of plain fresh milk!” Andrew would say before running down the stairs to the playground. Other than the milk (comes in Strawberry, Plain, Coffee, Chocolate and other flavors), the fried banana is tasty too. If you want something heavier, I’d go for the BBQ ribs (iga sapi bakar) or the selection of sausages (combo mini sausages is the best for sampling).
Main Playground

What We Love: While the adults enjoy sitting down talking over milk (they have coffee too), the children would prefer the playground. “Mom, let me show you something.” Andrew dragged me around the playground (decorated in black and white cow skin pattern), and to the dairy education corner where you can find out more about the cows. Even when the tour isn’t on, you can still see and interact with the black and white cows.

Interacting with the cows

Cimory On The Valley
Restaurant and Milk Factory
Jl. Raya Soekarno Hatta KM 30 Bawen, Central Java
Telp. (024) 6921818

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