Friday, August 12, 2016

Overnight StayThe Sunan Hotel Solo

There’s always first time for everything. Been going back and forth to Java several times, this was the first time we flew in to Adi Sumarmo Airport in Solo. My first time to book the hotel through a mobile application as well. It’s Sunan Hotel, Solo. Our first time staying there and it seems like we’re going to return one day. Why? Check out our reasons below. 

Service and Check-in
We’re in town for a cousin’s wedding. So we flew in on the first flight and arrived at the hotel around 9AM, way before the designated check in time. However, the friendly receptionist at The Sunan Hotel registered us in, so that after we returned from the wedding ceremony at the church we can just ask for the key and entered our room without going through the administration process. I was once told that check-in duration is an important review factor. Well, if that’s true, then this hotel is included on the fast, hassle-free category. I ordered the room through Traveloka, and I don’t print out the confirmation page. The Sunan Hotel Solo is already familiar with the digital world and I only have to mention the name used for booking plus a valid government ID and we’re set for check in in no time.

“Connecting door and non-smoking, Ma’am?” The friendly receptionist confirmed my booking. I was surprised that the hotel took notice of what I wrote on the note. After registration, we dropped our suitcases and get ready for wedding ceremony. Dudu was talking to the reception lady about the hotel facilities and glad that there’s wi-fi, swimming pool and few shops on the side. “Mom, if you want to go shopping you don’t have to step out of the hotel,” he said. Well, I ended up going to Kampung Batik Laweyan though. 

I leave the room review to Dudu, because unlike the boy, I’m not that picky about what the room looks like as long as it’s quiet and has comfortable bed, I’m usually sold. But Dudu is different. The first thing he usually does when we entered a hotel room is opening the curtain to see the view from the window. Unfortunately, we’re only on the second floor so the view to the city is half-blocked by the lobby or ballroom rooftop.

Dudu: Ah, it’s not the pool!
(We’ve entered the bride and groom’s family members’ room, which was on higher floor with swimming pool view. So, he was a little down.)
Mama: I’m happy that the bed is comfortable.
Dudu: But, hey, I can see the city far away over there.
Mama: There’s connecting door too. Do you want the room with one bed or two beds?
Dudu: Let’s just be here, I like the one bed room.

But he’s back on excitement to find that the bathroom is equipped with bath tub. I’m not sure why Dudu is always happy about the tub (even when there’s a nice swimming pool), because when I ask, he just reply, “it’s nice to soak in.” The wi-fi is also fast, and that’s good news, too.

(You can check out Dudu’s Star Rating here.)

The Hotel Ground
Walking around the hotel area, I noticed that the hotel is actually quite photogenic. Established in 2007, the hotel has this vintage feel and we took that as an opportunity for pictures. There are some nice alleys like the one by the pool that will make a nice OOTD spot. The hotel has 204 rooms as well as spa, swimming pool and fitness center. Talking about swimming pool, we’re impressed about how spacious the pool is and that it’s nicely located by the breakfast restaurant. Dudu had wanted to swim since we first arrived, but the rain didn’t stop until it’s bed time. It’s good to see the bright sunshine the following morning. The pool is divided between adult and kids, so the parents don’t have to worry about depth as much. Plus, you can watch them while having breakfast at the restaurant next door.

One thing we both enjoyed is the breakfast. For a hotel this humble, the breakfast is extravagant. While Dudu is glad he found the cereal and milk bar, I encountered my own treasure, a coffee machine! The regular coffee and tea service at hotels are mostly about the servers going around with two hot pots, pouring drinks upon requests. But The Sunan Hotel Solo has gone a step further and providing a coffee machine. For those prefer Indonesian food, and since you’re in Solo you probably want to try Nasi Liwet, those options are also available at The Sunan Hotel Solo breakfast buffet. But we’re sticking to the Western selection. 

It was a rather short stay, but we both agreed that we’re happy with the stay. This is a little change from where we usually stay which is at the City Center. This hotel is located on the western side of the city, a 15 to 20 minute ride from the airport and a 10-minute drive from Balapan Train Station. It’s not that far either if you want to explore the city center. But the thing about solo is that you have to rely on taxi. Because we’re always driving our own car, taking becak or walking around, whenever we visited this city, we’re never familiar with the public transport route. The concierge will be glad to inform you the estimated amount of taxi fare to different destinations and you can ask them to call for one. Just a note, going to Bandara Adi Sumarmo costs Rp. 75k because the airport is technically located in Boyolali, which is considered out-of-town.

Check in at:
The Sunan Hotel Solo
Jl. Ahmad Yani No. 40, Solo, Jawa Tengah
(0271) 731312

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