Monday, April 4, 2016

Jakarta Toys and Comics Fair 2016

Arriving at noon, we're welcomed by traffic jam entering the area. So we turned left and parked at the building next door. The walk wasn't too bad although it was quite hot. At Balai Kartini, there was no line to buy tickets and go inside. The on-the-spot tickets were Rp. 40,000 each. We got stamped at the door and the adventure begins.

"Let's find map, Mom." What for, I asked. "I want to know which booths sell action figures."

We did get one, but ended up not using it because we walked around and visited each booth anyway. The first stop was of course Lego. The yellow area full of bricks being exhibited and sold occupied probably one fourth of the fair. Andrew isn't into Lego that much, despite still having interest on the finished products and the idea of building something. Nevertheless, he took pictures of the blocks with his camera, a prize from a photo contest.

I was curious, why did he take so many snaps? "Oh, I'm using it as an example for my Minecraft." Well, okay. Interesting. Never thought of that. I was already amazed on how he managed to build a mall on the game, now he's copying Lego.

From Lego, we met Saint Seiya, an animation I grew up with. Then we moved around. As we go along, as usual, Andrew put his interest on The Walking Dead action figures, it's just too bad he couldn't find anyone else other than Andrea to complete his story. His mission at this year's toys fair is actually still petty much the same with the previous ones: to find a female character for his story. Instead, we found a set of motorcycles priced at Rp. 100,000/3 pieces. Pretty cheap. But here, he hesitated.

"I only need one vehicle." But the price is for 3, so I advised him to buy all, who knows another action figures need a motorcycle to escape from zombies.

Talking about zombies, the real reason why we decided on a Sunday this time is because of Resident Evil Cosplay. Every year we would arrive early on the first day and never went beyond the opening ceremony. This year we want to see something different even though it means parking a few buildings away and being trapped in the crowd. The show was worth it though. Andrew liked the female main character which seems to be a blend of Alice and Jill Valentine. He even went to backstage for a picture.

Overall it was a satisfying visit. Andrew didn't get the characters he needed for his action figure story, but we had fun going around for a toy hunting. Let's see what next year have in store for us.

When: March 5-8, 2016
Where: Balai Kartini, Jakarta
Entrance Fee: Rp40,000 (regular)

(This post also available in Bahasa Indonesia: Jakarta Toys and Comics Fair 2016)

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